WordPress Speed Optimization

By | March 7, 2021
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Speed ​​optimization is a mystery to many. Many people want to start, do not understand where to start. Many people apply it with some knowledge from scattered articles, but maybe a lot of the same context is not clear. It’s not that you have to do this, that you have to do that, or that this plugin solves all the problems – not at all. The construction of each site is different, so you may have to follow other policies while tuning each one, much like playing chess.

But if you know the techniques, if you have a clear concept of the main problem areas, if you learn to apply different combinations, you can say that you can go a long way in one push. Things that you might have tried many times with vague ideas, with help from him at work or by searching in various forums – think about how much time you are saving, how much work you are losing when you get them in one place.

Our Speed ​​Optimization course discusses the main problem areas in different combinations, shows the solutions, tries to give you the confidence to make the right move in this incomprehensible chess game. I can say for sure, the techniques shown in the Speed ​​Optimization course for your site will take you a long way in this arduous journey.

You can subscribe to this course to know more about various tips, tricks, and related topics of WordPress Speed ​​Optimization. We have discussed different directions to increase PageScore, practical examples, multiple leads on server configuration (Apache / Nginx), compression (Gzip / Bratly), and discussed them. Also, useful topics are addressed in the middle of the videos. Attempts have been made to show a combination of different plugins so that you can pick the solution of your choice.

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