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By | March 7, 2021
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Web Design:

Web design is the structure of the website that we as a user see the website. This means that what the website will look like is determined by web designing, and this is what web design is all about.

Web Development:

I will give this example about Facebook. When we type facebook.com in the browser and go to the website, the structure we see in web design. After we login to our account after viewing this structure, we post our profile pics, cover photos, or status, and we can change these as we wish. These changing options are saved in the database, then the saved data is displayed on our web design website, and we see

So web development is the login and registration of a website member, uploading an image or picture, posting a status. Such changing or dynamic work is called web development.

WordPress Development:

WordPress can be considered as a CMS or web design and development software. A brief description of CMS is that these CMS pre-program web design and development programs by which a CMS user can change different websites in a short time. Anyone can use CMS without having to have any coding ideas. WordPress is just such a CMS. There are more CMS, but WordPress is popular. With WordPress, you can do 95 percent of website design work without any coding knowledge, which a corporate level user can control his website without any coding knowledge.

There are many benefits for web development in this WordPress. If you want to create something new as a developer, then there are considerable benefits in WordPress that you can develop as you wish with your coding knowledge.

Impact of web design and development on freelancing

First of all, I mention that the current demand for the website. In 2015, there were six crore websites globally, and in 2016, the number increased to more than 129 crores. Therefore, in the last two years, the amount is more than 43 crores—about 500 websites per minute.

Then think about the needs of website design and developers in today’s world.

He depended on a web expert’s work style in any marketplace from $ 20 to $ 150 per hour. If someone is rated at $ 20 an hour, then if he works 5 hours a day, his daily income is $ 100. Many developers in Bangladesh use their experience and charge the client only 100 per hour for an idea or consultancy fee.

The work of web design and development is the highest considering the highest position and income aspect in freelancing.

The point is that your work’s value will only increase if you learn to work and improve your skills and experience.

How to build a career in freelancing by these issues?

What you need to do to build a career:

First, you have to learn the tasks with patience. It will take a minimum of 3 to 4 months to learn the job if you have 4 hours a day.

After learning, you can choose any marketplace such as upwork.com, fiverr.com, and freelancer.com. These marketplaces are some of the best marketplaces in the world. Billions of dollars are being spent every day in all these marketplaces. Everyday work in web design and web development is the most.

What are the ways to learn?

First, I mean to divide web design and development into two parts:

Everything you need to learn web design:


2) CSS & CSS3

3) JQuery & Javascript

Everything you need to learn web development at an early stage:

1) PHP and PHP5


3) SQL and MySqli & PDO

4) Javascript

WordPress Development:

If you have a good idea about HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and PHP-MySql, it will take you only one month to learn WordPress development. I will not say that in 1 month, you will be the boss of WordPress, but in 1 month, it will be useful to understand the business of WordPress, and you will be able to work in freelancing.

Everything you need to know about WordPress development

1) WordPress Theme Development

2) WordPress Plugin Development

3) WordPress customization

4) Customizable WordPress theme and plugin.

Thanks for reading.

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