Ways to recognize real-fake mobile phones

By | March 13, 2021
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It is often seen after buying a smartphone that the thing is not accurate. If the smartphone bought with hard money turns out to be a fake, it should not be a happy thing at all.

When buying any phone from the market, buy it without verifying whether the phone is genuine or registered with BTRC. Maybe the hobby phone bought with hard money can be turned off by forgetting a little bit.

The phone can be canceled at any time as it is not registered with BTRC.

How to know if your phone is BTRC registered:

When buying a mobile phone, go to the message option, type KYD and send it to 16002 with a 15 digit IMEI number with space. In the return message, it will be informed whether the IMEI of the phone is registered in the BTRC server or not.

The IMEI of the respective handset is immediately known from the printed sticker on the box or packet of the mobile phone or by dialing *#06 # on the phone. This procedure should be followed in purchasing an excellent mobile phone handset.

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