SpaceX is sending 60 satellites to provide internet from space

By | March 13, 2021
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SpaceX will provide cheap broadband internet service all over the world. For this, Elon Musk’s rocket company is sending 60 satellites into space. Sterling satellites are being sent into low-Earth orbit.

There was talk that the satellites would be sent on Wednesday. But the satellites will depart from Cape Carnival, Florida, on Thursday evening, local time, one day behind due to strong winds.

According to SpaceX, thousands of satellites are orbiting the earth. But still, there is no internet connection in many parts of the world. This initiative is to provide low-cost internet connection in those places. Although small enterprises were taken initially, activities will be conducted on a broader scale if the campaign is successful.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Musk told media that the first batch’s satellites would be virtually identical. They will be able to maintain contact with each other while orbiting.

He said many new technologies had been used in the satellites. So there is a fear that these will not work correctly. However, the risk is low.

Musk said six more campaigns are needed to provide uninterrupted Internet service, adding that Sterling will begin providing consistent Internet coverage for smaller parts of the world. This will be a 12-point campaign before delivering content to a significant portion of the world’s population.

SpaceX has begun to walk the same path, along with massive investments from One Web and Amazon. However, there are lesser-known companies in the fleet like Leo sat and Telesat.

Amazon launched the Kuiper project last month to provide Internet services from space. On the other hand, rival One Web has already launched six satellites with the investment of companies like Softbank and Qualcomm.

Shagun Satyadeva, the chief researcher at Northern Sky Research, said SpaceX would undoubtedly be in a leading position if Thursday’s mission were successful. However, he expressed some doubts about whether SpaceX will send a total of 12,000 satellites into orbit as planned in the end.

He hopes the company will not have to go too fast to install new satellites. The company will not be able to make enough profit outside of providing full coverage on the sea.

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