How do you know if your smartphone is real or fake?

By | March 7, 2021
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If you understand that buying a fake phone is a different matter, as you can see in many advertisements on Facebook, they sell iPhone 11 for only 4 thousand rupees! Before you buy that phone, you must know that these are fake phones. 

Today’s article is for those who may buy a phone from an unofficial store to save some money or buy a phone from a lucrative online site, who claim that the phone is genuine and how you can understand after buying it is a fake phone!

Now the question is two, how do I know if my smartphone is real or fake? And how can you refrain from buying counterfeit phones? So let’s jump into the main story without making the beginning too long!

Fake phone:

The market is full of fake Chinese phones, some people sell fake phones as counterfeit phones, and some sell fake phones as real phones! Popular brands such as Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei, etc. 

Are all found in fake or clone phones! First, the best way to avoid buying a fake phone is to buy it from an official offline/online store. But many people go out to buy a phone for less money, and many people get caught and eat!

Fortunately, you are getting some tricks from WireBD. If you know them, you can stop cheating by buying fake phones! So follow the steps well;

Check it out

Before buying a phone from any local store or small store, the best step is to visit the official brand store of the phone and then have a live experience with the phone in hand. Take the phone in hand, see how it feels, look at the screen, remember the quality, keep an eye on the camera position, pay attention to the phone’s physical details as much as possible, and check the build quality!

Touch the logo of the original phone. It will feel more premium. The symbols of counterfeit phones are cheaply printed and can be handled by touch. Now I understand that maybe you have come to buy this phone after seeing and filling the phone overview from the official store, but at a glance, it is possible to remember something else. Now check the official website of the phone and follow all the information written about the physical build.

Check the website to see what material the phone is made of, see if it is made of glass or metal frame. The build quality of fake phones is not much improved, while real phones have glass builds while fake phones have plastic bodies. 

Moreover, check the website to see the display panel of the phone. If the phone has an AMOLED panel, you can easily catch it on a fake phone. Cheap TN panels or LCD panels are available on clone phones! And in that case, the chances of the phone being faked increase!

Check the website to see what color the device is available in. If you come to the shop and see a pink color phone, but the company has not made that color at all, it must be a fake phone! So girls, how to buy a telephone carefully?

Check the exterior design better.

Clone phones or counterfeit phones are top-rated for their exterior design. The cloning model does not have as many solid and clickable buttons as the original model. Controls are usually placed in the wrong place, the bezel of the screen seems too much, or the camera housing raises doubts in mind! 

But many devices are called master copy or master clone. It is impossible to declare these phones as fake by looking at the exterior design. Only they can be understood only when you start using them.

When buying a phone from an unofficial shop, you must turn on the phone first. Before checking, check the screen quality, screen quality, you can understand a lot. Then take a good look at the UI of the phone. Check out the official icon of the phone. 

If necessary, check the original UI of the phone from YouTube. Take a look at the pre-installed apps on the phone, and if you see that there are bizarre apps installed in this bar, then the phone may be fake.


Check the performance using the phone. Clone phones are equipped with old and weak processors, and bad optimization makes the phone lag a lot, slow and hot. If you experience something like that, refrain from buying the phone!

Check IMEI

You can check your phone’s IMEI number to find out if your phone is genuine or fake. Although it is impossible to be 100% sure that your phone will be real, Android phones can also be cloned IMEI numbers to affect the phony phone number. But there is no reason not to check even then!

Most of the phones have an IMEI number written on the box sticker, or by pressing the code *#06# on the phone, the IMEI number of that phone will come out. Now enter this number by going to the IMEI.

info website, then the phone model name will show with the help of that IMEI number. If the phone model does not match your phone, then the phone may be a clone or fake phone. But again, this is not a 100% sure way!

Open the App Store

There is no shortage of fake iPhones in the market; both the offline and online needs are full of counterfeit Chinese iPhones. The Android KitKat device may be hidden in the shell of the iPhone. And some Chinese fraud companies are so masterful that they even copy the UI of iOS fatally! How do you know if your smartphone is real or fake?

If you are going to buy an iPhone, then open the App Store first. If it is a genuine phone, you must take it to the Apple App Store. Otherwise, the Google Play Store will open. I mean, you understand what a device! Do you think Apple will install Google Play Store on their iPhone?

Also, try to connect your iPhone device to iTunes on a PC. If it is related to iTunes, then it is the real Apple device. If the device is not connected, then I have to say no more, right?

Are you buying a Samsung phone?

From Samsung flagships to mid-budget phones, fake phones are also found in the market. However, Samsung has some special service codes missing from the Android operating system, and only Samsung engineers have added them to their phones. If this service code does not work on the phone, then the phone is a clone phone!

Click on the phone icon and dial * # 7353 #, and it will bring up a menu where you can check which functions of the phone are working or not. This code must work if the original phone! Fake phone manufacturers will not be able to use these codes on their counterfeit phones.

Check the camera

Another big weak point of fake phones is the camera section. The clone phones’ cameras are absolutely garbage quality, and if the photo quality is terrible, then I can’t wait to say that it is a fake phone.

Check the original website, see how many megapixels the phone camera or how many camera sensors are in the phone. Then, look online to see what the phone’s actual camera photo samples look like, then compare them with your phone. If you find that the photo details captured on your phone are worse than half of the online photos, it should surely not be too late to understand the rest.

Even if you follow all the above steps, it is impossible to say that your phone is 100% original. Because cybercriminals are much smarter now, you can’t even find the real information from the CPU G-type apps on the phone. They can quickly put fake phone processor models or RAM’s right amount in the phone, which is affected.

In this case, an app called AnTuTu Officer can save you. First, turn on your existing phone data (of course, the data pack must be active) and turn on the WiFi hotspot. Now connect the phone you want to buy to the hotspot. Download and install AnTuTu Officer from the Play Store on the new phone, then go to your old phone’s browser and open the link, there you will see a QR code that will open the new phone’s AnTuTu Officer app and scan it.

The QR code has been scanned, and your old phone will be notified whether your phone is genuine or counterfeit. If the green signal is shown, then your phone is real. If the red alert is displayed, then your phone is fake!

So here are some ways you can tell if your phone is real or fake. Hopefully, the article was quite useful for you. And yes, if you have any more tips, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below!

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