How to recognize a clone smartphone?

By | March 7, 2021
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The present age is the age of the internet. The role of the internet is immense in bringing this world under our control. And the smartphone is one of the devices that is required to use this internet. If you have a little knowledge about the internet world, you must have heard about fake or clone phones—Soylab on fake mobile phone sets of different market brands. Buyers are deceived by buying these handsets.

If you are a little aware, it is possible to avoid fake handsets and buy real handsets. Again, in many cases, it is seen that they have purchased a clone or a phony smartphone by falling into the trap of a tempting offer at a relatively low price! It may look like a smartphone from the outside is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S9 But after a little use, 

It was realized that the phone’s internal features are quite different. Fake cameras, low-speed processors and a variety of variations! Yes, in that case, the phone is a duplicate or clone copy. With the proliferation of counterfeit phones in the market, it has become challenging for consumers to identify the real-fake ones.

1. How to recognize a fake or clone smartphone?

At present, there is a good market for fake or clone smartphones in many countries, but the demand for fake smartphones in China has overtaken everything. Among the clone smartphones that are now being sold in the Chinese technology, market are the clone copies of various expensive flagship phones from smartphone maker Samsung. Many times buyers are being deceived by buying fake handsets at the price of genuine Samsung. According to smartphone research firm Antutu’s 2017 annual report on smartphones:

At least 36 percent of the smartphones sold under the Samsung company name are counterfeit or clone phones. This is 7.8 percent for Apple’s iPhone and 3.4 percent for Huawei. The European version of the Samsung S7 holds the record for being the most’ fake and cloned’ on this list. 

Of the 16424728 smartphones checked in Antutu’s app last year, at least 460,000 were found to be clones or counterfeit phones. In this case, Samsung Bangladesh Country Manager Sangwon Yun said that he knew the real and fake Samsung phone set at the purchase time.

 Samsung Bangladesh Country Manager Sangwan Eun said, “The important thing is that if you buy a handset from the open market or local shop, you are more likely to be cheated.” However, if you buy a phone set from the Samsung showroom, there is no chance of being deceived with the handset. However, for more caution, you need to know how to recognize Samsung’s real handset.

2. How to recognize a fake or clone smartphone?

But this is just a statistic of the Antutu benchmark. Out of this calculation, at least 1 billion smartphones are currently being used in the world. While a reputable and well-known sales organization is the safest way to buy a real phone, it is not always possible for everyone to buy a smartphone from an officially recognized company. And using this issue, 

on the one hand, low-cost factory refined phones are being imported and sold cheaply, and on the other hand, clones or copies of expensive flagship phones are being sold at attractive prices. Many of us are easily deceived by buying these phones at relatively low prices, and there is also the issue of financial loss. At this stage of writing, there are guidelines on how to identify real and fake smartphones quickly.

Exterior design and structure

The most common way to identify a fake or clone phone is to pay close attention to the phone’s exterior design features and structure. The exterior design features of a fake or clone smartphone are never on par with the real phone. There will be differences in buttons, bezel disparity, camera housing, and bumps. 

While most clone smartphones are recognizable in this way, the clones of many recent popular smartphones are precisely the same in terms of exterior design features. It is tough to identify these clone phones without using them alone.

If you want to buy a phone from an outside dealer, your first step in identifying the real phone will check if it is working correctly. If you’re going to buy a used phone from a seller online, it is wise to get an idea of ​​the phone’s actual condition before making any fuss. In this case, you can ask the seller for a screenshot of the phone, a picture of the phone, and even a good video about the phone. 

In this case, the screen should be checked quite well; Whether the phone screen is cracked or has any pixel problems, these issues should be carefully checked first. In this case, you can watch YouTube videos to get all the information about your desired phone. The exterior design features of any smartphone and UI design can be found in a good idea from YouTube videos.

3. How to recognize a fake or clone smartphone?

There is a big difference in performance-based between real phone and clone phone. Clone copies of good smartphones use bad processors, bad camera sensors, low-quality chips and different hardware. If we use a clone phone for a short period, then we can easily understand this performance difference. 

In this case, it will take more time to launch an app. The phone will lag. Also, every smartphone company has some standard distinctive features of its own based on UI. For example, Samsung’s smartphones have some unique features of Touch Use. If you have a little idea about the company’s UI features before buying the phone, you are not likely to be easily deceived.

Extra care should be taken when buying an old phone. When purchasing a phone from an online shop, it is essential to take good care of their’ buyer protection policy’ and payment method. In this case, it is wise to avoid those shops if there is no mention of an official payment method, warranty policy. It is essential to keep these things in mind when buying any product online, not just the phone.

Various tests on smartphones

You should always check when buying a new smartphone. In this case, first, after reviewing the external design aspect, you have to turn on the phone and match the hardware and software issues. Several essential apps can be used to verify the hardware (such as processor, GPU, camera sensor, etc.) used in smartphones.

The UI of a fake or clone phone, the camera app features are never compatible with the original model. Also, flagship smartphones typically use various GPS services, including NFC and fingerprint sensors, but clone or copy phones do not have these premium services. In this case, it is possible to distinguish between real and fake smartphones with a little careful observation. A little awareness can save us from significant financial losses.

Importance of CPU-Z app

In smartphones, the CPU-Z app is essential for easy verification of real and fake. In the case of new phones, ‘CPU-Z test’ can be taken to match the official features. It is possible to know everything about the processor, camera, and everything used in the phone through this CPU-Z app. The app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.

4. How to recognize a fake or clone smartphone?

Different types of benchmark tests-

There are now a variety of apps for benchmark testing to verify the speed and capabilities of computers and smartphones. Through all these apps, a score is available on the performance of the smartphone. 

If the phone’s score is consistent with the official score, then there is nothing to worry about the phone. However, if there is an inconsistent difference between these two scores, then the question arises about the phone’s originality. It is possible to get such benchmark-based apps from Google Play Store.

IMEI verification

Each phone has its own unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This IMEI number can be used to identify stolen phone locks, erasers, and, in some cases, emergency cases. 

Although clones or fake phones can be identified through all the methods mentioned above, it is possible to determine whether the smartphone is included in the blacklist only by verifying the IMEI. It is possible to get various IMEI-based services for smartphones through various online paid sites. We can easily find out these unique IMEI numbers of smartphones by dialing *#08#.

5. How to recognize a fake or clone smartphone?

For example, you will enter the site And by dialing *#06#, you will know your phone’s own IMEI. You have to write the IMI number of the phone instead of “Enter IMEI” on the site. Then you will find all the details of your phone there. 

You will get the date of purchase of the phone, whether the phone is blacklisted, and the phone warranty altogether. In this case, if you give IMEI of non-branded or Chinese phone or clone or master copy, usually nothing will come.

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