Ten ways to recognize the original Samsung mobile

By | March 7, 2021
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Fake smartphones are scattered around today. And most of them are imitations of Samsung phones. These are so perfect to look at that many people are often deceived into buying these fake phones. So take a look at today’s blog to know the real Samsung phone.

1) First dial *#0*# from your mobile? Then an option like the skin short below will come up. From where click on the Sensor text? Now place the mobile in the palm of one hand and place the other hand on the skin on the mobile’s top. (NB: Just the way we clap our hands). If your mobile phone is up now, you will understand that your mobile phone is original.

2) First, you can verify your phone’s IMEI (IMEI) number. In this case, go to the dial option of the phone and press *#06#. Your phone will show the IMEI number immediately. Then go to this address http://www.imei.info, enter the IMEI number and press the check button. It will show some information about your phone. But if the phone is non-branded or counterfeit, nothing will come of it.

3) If you rub your fingernails on a fake Samsung phone’s printed logo, it will get up or get dirty, which will never happen on the original phone.

4) The original Samsung phone’s home button is very close to the bottom of the screen. The fake phone’s home button is a little down which is not understood if not noticed well.

5) Now, you look at the screen of your phone. The fake phone has a black part around the net, which is not present in the original Samsung phone.

6) These codes do not work on fake phones.

Type the following codes on your phone’s dial screen.

  • * # 1234 # (for SW version, PDA, CSC and modem)
  • * # 0 * # (for test mode)
  • * # 197328640 # (for service mode)
  • * # 0228 # (for ADC reading)

The battery capacity of the original handset and the fake set is not the same. If you want to play games on a fake handset, its performance will not be like the real handset. He wants to stop repeatedly while playing games. And if you look at the camera of a fake handset, you can understand whether it is real or fake. Understand yourself real-fake.

6) No doubt when buying a Samsung phone

If so, then check with the following codes that your purchased phone is genuine or fake.

  • * # 1234 # (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)
  • * # 0 * # (General Test Mode)
  • * # 12580369 # (SW & HW Info)
  • * # 197328640 # (Service Mode)
  • * # 0228 # (ADC Reading)
  • * # 32489 # (Ciphering Info)
  • * # 232337 # (Bluetooth Address)
  • * # 232331 # (Bluetooth Test Mode

And the only way to know if all the original Android sets are real is to set> about phone> version and click 3-4 times in a row. Red-colored emo will then come with a smile, show the set and performance, and explain that it is the original android. Phone

6) To understand the real-fake, you need to know the original phone set of Samsung. You can take a look at the mobile phone set of your friend or acquaintance. However, one of the differences that will catch your eye is that fake handsets display low quality. When you touch the display, the set will not respond like the original phone set.

Works a lot slower. The touch function does not work correctly. The screen’s distance from the fake group’s body is more, due to which the space between the screen and the body can be seen. In the original set, these gaps are very low, adjusted. The brightness of the actual handset is much higher.

9) If you want to check whether your Samsung mobile is original or clone, dial *#0*#. Then an option like the picture below will come immediately.

Then you will see some buttons, from there touch to write sensor. Now connect the image test (Image Text) writing on the top right. If, after brushing, the picture comes back like a puppy (which is given in the picture), then it is genuine. 

And if flowers, nature, or zebra come, then it must be understood that it is a clone device. So why are you late? Check your smartphone now and comment on whether your phone is original.

10. If you still have any doubts after the procedures mentioned above, you can check with the following codes.

Type the following codes on your phone’s dial screen.

  • * # 1234 # (for SW version, PDA, CSC and modem)
  • * # 0 * # (for test mode)
  • * # 197328640 # (for service mode)
  • * # 0228 # (for ADC reading)

Download the Droid Hardware Info from the Play Store or any hardware checking apps and go to the gsmarena.com website to match the hardware information well. Especially notice the chipset.

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