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By | March 7, 2021
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National ID Card Download: You have gone to the market or somewhere far away from home for an emergency. But you got your NID card / National ID Card and left it at home. In this case, your NID // National ID Card card is essential. 

What will you do then? Then there is only one way to bring your ID card by phone and email. Or take a picture from Facebook Messenger or mobile and take it out.

But the method I will show you today is how to download an exact copy of your NID / National ID Card online.

Currently, the National Identity Card / National ID Card is on the official website and has brought some updates. If you want, you can download your NID Card / National ID Card by making a registration there.

What do I need to register online?

Suppose you have applied for a National ID card and have not yet received a copy or card. In that case, you have your voter ID number with the slip number, but you can download all your information and a photocopy of your national ID card. And be able to continue that.

Here are the things you need to do to register online:

  • NID number and / or NID / National ID Card slip number
  • Date of birth
  • A mobile number

I am clicking on the link below.

In this case, if you have already got the voter ID number, then you can register only by clicking on online registration, but you can get all your information.

And if you have not already received your NID Card / National ID Card or ID number, only the form number, then by using the form above, you will get your NID number. Fill out the form above and click View Voter Information. An image like the one below will appear on the page below. From here, you will collect with your NID number and then register with this NID No:

Remember that you must set a password when registering. Because if you do not put your password, then if you go to download your NID card / National ID Card later, you have to reset a password, but you have to download your NID.

And if you select a password at the time of registration, you can download your NID / National ID Card by logging in with your username and password.

Once your registration is complete, login by clicking on the login option.

Then you can download your NID card in PDF format by clicking on the download text option on the bottom right side of your picture. And if you want, you can use this downloaded NID card for any purpose, and if you wish, you can laminate it and use it as the original card.

The current Election Commissioner has introduced a new rule that anyone can download NID Card / National ID Card with his slip number again via SMS on mobile.

If you want to download your NID Card / National ID Card via Mobile SMS, you can do so according to the following structure.

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