Netflix is bringing affordable packages for smartphones!

By | March 9, 2021
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Tech City Content Counselor: Streaming platform Netflix has become as popular in the Indian subcontinent as any other country. The platform has become very popular in India, especially with all the new content.

This time Netflix has started testing to bring affordable subscription packages for smartphones in the country.

The US streaming giant is working to bring a package called Mobile Plus to India. The user has to spend Rs 359 per month to watch HD content on mobile; in addition to mobile, of course, this package can be seen on tablets, PCs, or laptops.

However, Netflix also wants to bring a mobile package at the lowest cost. Customers can watch movie series or other Netflix content for the whole month by spending only 199 rupees. Of course, this content will not be in HD.

Customers will not even get the opportunity to watch on these TV or computer screens. Netflix packages now start from a minimum of Rs 499 in India.

A spokesman for the streaming site said they had planned to do so with India’s customers in mind. Where low-cost content can be seen, they also say that it will increase their customers.

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