Facebook will now be able to use all your Whatsapp information

By | January 12, 2021
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Facebook will now be able to use all your Whatsapp information: This time, all the information of your WhatsApp account has come within the reach of Facebook. A shocking report has come out after the new security update of WhatsApp. A lot of your personal data is spread on the server on WhatsApp. The more crores of subscribers there are, the more chats and more data is collected. Data is being submitted to the company at a compounded rate. However, this data is no longer secure.

Maybe everyone has seen that WhatsApp has already issued a decree stating that WhatsApp has changed its privacy terms. However, this time Whatsapp can send your mobile number, all the information about the phone, transaction information including IP address, and many more things to Facebook. Not just Facebook, but other apps owned by Facebook are expected to use this information in the coming days.

You can agree later but if you do not agree before February 8, your application will be discontinued. WhatsApp has given such a warning. That means you have to give permission even if you don’t want to. However, you can delete the account from the Help Center. This new rule has come into effect for both Android and iOS platforms.

WhatsApp has announced 3 new updates. The first is how WhatsApp will use customer information, the second is how businesses will use Facebook services and WhatsApp chat. And third, what will be WhatsApp’s partnership with Facebook? However, with the advent of this new privacy policy, encrypted information can be easily shared with Facebook. And this is what caused the disaster. Questions remain about the security feature in WhatsApp.

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