6 great tips for LED TV

By | March 9, 2021
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Six great tips for LED TV

Tech City Content Counselor: Everything from needles to satellite-technology is continually changing. Television has also undergone groundbreaking changes. After LCD, now is the time for LED.

Technology continues to triumph over time. To keep pace with it, LED screen TVs have started to be adorned in rooms instead of models. Besides saving space, the picture’s quality has also improved a lot with the help of this new technology.

Here are seven tips that will work great for LED TVs in this tutorial.

Use the excellent HDMI cable:

HDMI cable plays a vital role in getting sound video output from LED TVs. HDMI cables of different prices and brands are available in the market. If you connect the TV to any device using a cheap or low-quality cable, you will not get a good view.

So you have to buy good quality HDMI cable at the time of purchase.

Internet speed:

Many people buy large LED TVs to use the online streaming services of Netflix, Amazon, or Hotstar. Good speed internet is required to watch any video by streaming online. So you do not just have to buy an LED TV.

I also want to have a good speed internet connection to enjoy these features.

Minimum distance to watch TV:

Just because you have the power to buy a 55-inch TV doesn’t mean you have to rush it. There may be something wrong with this decision. For example, in the room where you put the TV, first, you have to think about how big the room is. 

Usually, any 32 inch TV can be seen very well from a distance of 4 feet. Moreover, if you plan to buy a 55 or 65 inches TV, this distance should be 9 feet.

Using the correct mode of display:

The display settings option of the TV has several presets. It is usually better to use ‘standard’ pistachio mode. You can also use ‘movie or cinema’ mode while watching a movie. However, the dynamic mode should not be used. 

It may be challenging to show the video as there is extra light in this mode. If you use the game mode while playing the game, you will get extra fun.

Turn off power-saving mode:

The power-saving mode on the TV should be turned off at all times. It saves power by reducing the image quality. As a result, the video quality may be slightly reduced.

Give importance to size instead of smart features.

Undoubtedly, various features will make a TV attractive. If there is an opportunity to buy a big TV instead of a smart feature at the same price, size should be given more importance. Because watching TV on a bigger screen is different from not using some features.


The TV has a default speaker. However, the default speaker sound quality on many TVs is not very good. So separate speakers should be used to get a good sound.

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