This week’s phone market price

In the new phone market, everyone is interested in the price of the phone. We have this specially organized smartphone market price for those who want to buy technology products and know about the market. This week (February 25), the technology product’s market price was highlighted for the customers by Digibangla. Anjan Chandra Dev is… Read More »

Ways to recognize real-fake mobile phones

It is often seen after buying a smartphone that the thing is not accurate. If the smartphone bought with hard money turns out to be a fake, it should not be a happy thing at all. When buying any phone from the market, buy it without verifying whether the phone is genuine or registered with… Read More »

SpaceX is sending 60 satellites to provide internet from space

SpaceX will provide cheap broadband internet service all over the world. For this, Elon Musk’s rocket company is sending 60 satellites into space. Sterling satellites are being sent into low-Earth orbit. There was talk that the satellites would be sent on Wednesday. But the satellites will depart from Cape Carnival, Florida, on Thursday evening, local… Read More »

6 great tips for LED TV

Six great tips for LED TV Tech City Content Counselor: Everything from needles to satellite-technology is continually changing. Television has also undergone groundbreaking changes. After LCD, now is the time for LED. Technology continues to triumph over time. To keep pace with it, LED screen TVs have started to be adorned in rooms instead of… Read More »

6260 computer related questions with answers

1) The smallest unit of information – data 2) The meaning of the word data – fact 3) Making data meaningful in particular contexts – Information 4) Information = data + perspective + meaning 5) Associated with information distribution, processing, and storage – information technology 6) ICT in Education Program – UNESCO 6) There are… Read More »

Web design and development

Web Design: Web design is the structure of the website that we as a user see the website. This means that what the website will look like is determined by web designing, and this is what web design is all about. Web Development: I will give this example about Facebook. When we type in… Read More »